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Dry Eye Assessment in Hamilton, OH

Suffering from dry eye? Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive assessment.

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Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable and can even interfere with your vision. Dry, itchy, burning or watery eyes may be a sign of an underlying vision problem.

With extensive training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems, Steven Hogue, O.D., can help you discover the cause of dry eye, and suggest a treatment plan to alleviate this common problem.

If you have dry eye, schedule an appointment online or by calling (513) 892-2020.

About Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition where your eyes do not have enough quality tears to nourish and lubricate your eyes. Most of the organs in your body rely on fluid in blood for lubrication and nourishment – parts of your eyes rely on tears for nourishment and lubrication. The fluid in tears maintains the health of the front surface of your eye and helps provide clear vision.

Several glands in and around your eyelids produce the tears that keep your eyes healthy. Every time you blink, your eyelids spread the tears across the front surface of your eyes. In addition to providing lubrication and nutrition, tears wash away foreign matter from your eye, keep the surface smooth and clear, and reduce the risk of eye infections. Excess tears drain into tiny ducts at the inner corners of your eyelids then down into the back of your nose.

Dry eye occurs when your body does not produce enough tears, or when your body produces tears of poor quality. Tear production slows down as you age and a number of factors can cause dry eye, such as windy and dry climates, some medical conditions and a few medications, can lead to dry eye.

Quality tears contain oil, water and mucous. The oil prevents the water from evaporating too quickly and the mucous provides lubrication and nutrients. Dry eye often develops when the water layer of tears evaporates too quickly or when the mucous layer is uneven.

Symptoms of dry eye include irritated, gritty, scratchy or burning eyes. You may feel like there is something in your eye. Excessive watery and blurred vision may occur. Advanced dry eyes can even damage the front surface of your eye and affect your vision.

Dry Eye Assessment

Treatment for dry eye always begins with an assessment that includes a comprehensive eye examination. Testing focuses on evaluating the quantity and quality of the tears your body produces.

Steven Hogue, O.D. will listen to your medical history, note your symptoms, and review any health problems, medications, or environmental factors that may be causing your dry eye. Dry eye assessment at our Hamilton office also includes an external examination of your eye, evaluation of your eyelids, and measurement of the quantity and quality of your tears.

Treatments for dry eyes aim to restore or maintain the normal amount of tears in the eye to minimize dryness, alleviate related discomfort and maintain eye health.

Steven Hogue, O.D., is a leading provider of dry eye assessment, optometry services, and vision care products in the Hamilton community. If you have dry eye, schedule an appointment online or by calling (513) 892-2020.

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